Is It Impossible for Me to Get Abs?

I have always been lean, but for some reason no matter how hard I try, I have never been able to maintain my abs. I have some friends that naturally have a lot of muscle definition all over their bodies, even though they eat whatever they want and generally don’t exercise. While it is normal for some people to have a more muscular build, there must be a way for anyone to get that toned abdomen. Taking this into consideration, I did a little bit of research to learn more about different body types and whether it is possible for anyone to get washboard abs (and maintain them). Here’s what I learned.

Different body types

There are three different body types (or somatotypes) including endomorph, mesomorph, and ectomorph.

An endomorph’s body is typically softer, meaning that it is much easier for them to gain weight. A mesomorph has a more athletic structure, with the tendency to develop more muscle to begin with. Ectomorphs are usually quite thin and have a harder time gaining weight (or muscle for that matter). The most common somatotype is a combination of endomorph and ectomorph.

Based on that alone, I am fairly certain that I am an endomorph. Though I have always been lean, it is likely that I was able to maintain my leaner physique only by constantly watching what I eat and maintaining a rigorous workout routine.

Can an endomorph get abs?

The short answer is yes. However, in order for an endomorph to get abs, they need to stay extremely consistent with both their exercise regimen and their diet.

Taking myself as an example, the times that I did have abs (even when they lasted a few years), was only when I was excessively working out and obsessing over every little thing that I consumed. Needless to say, this was not sustainable or healthy. However, everyone is different, meaning that my case does not necessarily have to be every endomorph’s case. Healthy body weights can differ, depending on genetics, general health, medications, and hormones.

What does it take to get abs?

Because everyone is different, there is no single simple solution that will meet everyone’s needs. The best way to reach your goal in developing visible abs is to work with a professional who knows how your body works. Such a professional may include a personal trainer, a registered dietician, or a physician.

In some cases, you can get additional help using medical tools to eliminate fat or strengthen your muscles. These types of body contouring tools can typically be found at medical clinics. Research has shown that these medical interventions may help patients reach their aesthetic goals through advanced medical technology, though it may not be sustainable for everyone.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that while you may have the desire to show off your visible abs, they may not be sustainable for you. Almost anyone can achieve visible definition in their abdominal region, though it is easier for some people (for example mesomorphs) to accomplish, since it is more sustainable based on their natural physique. If you are the type of person that has difficulties toning up your midsection, you may need professional assistance and your results may not be long lasting. Fortunately, the primary importance is your health, which means that as long as you are at a healthy weight, abs or not, you will be fine.


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