How to get glowing skin

How to get glowing skin

The condition of our skin is constantly connected to our stress levels and lifestyle. Whether it is wrinkles and lines from stress and facial contractions, breakouts and dry skin from a poor diet or genetics, we wear our lives on our skin. So how can we take care of ourselves and treat our skin the way it deserves? Listed below are some of the most effective and popular medical grade treatments you may want to consider to maintain a healthy glow on your skin. Dr. Schwarzburg who is a lead physician at Skinly Aesthetics says that Secret RF and Fraxel are currently the most popular medical grade facials, along with Mesotherapy. You can also take preventative measures to avoid wrinkles and skin irregularities by using botox and changing your daily lifestyle to help keep your skin clean. 

Medical grade facials can address a variety of skin issues and irregularities. Certain treatments are more geared toward deeper layers of skin (like secret RF and other forms of microneedling), while others target more superficial layers of skin, like the Fraxel laser treatment. If you have skin issues, one treatment may be more suitable for you than the other.

In addition, several preventative measures exist for reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, for example, botox. It can be injected into areas where wrinkles typically form, such as between your eyebrows (frown lines or 11s), horizontal lines on your forehead, and crows feet around your eyes, in order to prevent wrinkles from forming in the first place.

A mesotherapy treatment works by tightening and hydrating the skin by injection or microneedling. In addition to more intensive treatments, Dr. Schwarzburg says many of his patients get monthly mesotherapy sessions in order to maintain glowing skin. People also do micro needling weekly or biweekly (without mesotherapy solution) to maintain their skin.

Which treatment is a good fit for you?

One or a combination of several treatments can be a good option for you, depending on what you are trying to accomplish. With Secret RF, fine lines and wrinkles may be reduced, as well as skin tightened and pores minimized. Also, it can be used to treat sagging skin and acne scarring. By using radiofrequency technology, micro needling causes controlled damage to skin, which leads to increased collagen and elastin production, resulting in skin that is more capable of repairing itself.

Laser treatment Fraxel can reduce fine lines and wrinkles, smooth out your skin, minimize pore size, or correct pigmentation and damage caused by the sun. Like Secret RF, Fraxel results in controlled damage to the skin and increases collagen and elastin production as proved by multiple studies done at MiracleFace Medspa research facility.

Consult your doctor to ensure that the treatment is right for you and your skin type. People with cystic acne should stay away from laser treatments and heat, as the acne could spread.

What other things can you do to take care of your skin?

Drink plenty of water and maintain a healthy lifestyle. You should nourish your body and take all the right vitamins and minerals. To avoid sun damage to your skin, apply sun screen liberally each day if you love spending time in the sun. Dryness and crepiness are caused by exposure to the sun, which may accelerate aging and lead to wrinkles.

Keep your skin clean. Wearing makeup all day requires thorough removal at night. In the long run, makeup can cause breakouts and scarring. Another thing that could increase your risk of breakouts are unclean pillows and dirty phones. Wash your sheets regularly and sanitize your phone to prevent this.

Final thoughts

A number of factors can contribute to wrinkles, irregularities, and scarring on your skin, however, you can also reduce the likelihood of these effects on your skin, as well as reverse the damages that have already been done to your skin. There are many ways to protect and keep your skin clean and fresh, from Botox and medical grade facials to simple tweaks you can make to your daily regime.

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