Getting back to the GYM

Getting back to the gym

I’ve always been active, having danced for ten years and then becoming a personal trainer in college. I’ve led a healthy and active lifestyle my entire life. Quarantine and everything that came with it hit me as well. Gyms were closed, I had no social obligations, I was home all the time, so even though technically, I had enough time to exercise and eat clean, being at my house and bored made me feel less motivated to stay in shape.

Having gained weight for the first time and not knowing where to begin to lose it was a real eye-opener. My desire to work out completely vanished, I was constantly ordering in, and all of my healthy habits that I had been practicing over the years just seemed to disappear. As someone who was always obsessed with my body and weight, seeing my body with fat where it had never been was incredibly frustrating for me. Exercise and staying in shape have always been a part of my routine, never motivated me to do them. As I previously noted, there is nothing wrong with having fat on your body. Because I didn’t like how I looked, I needed to find something that motivated me to get in shape again. People who experience success, see results, and make progress towards their goals are more motivated to continue working toward them. In my conversation about this, my friend told me about her experience with CoolSculpting at Skinly Aesthetics, a clinic that utilizes special machine to freeze fat away. For the first time, I felt lost and unsure regarding where to begin and how to get back into my regular fitness routine. 

What I did

I started small. As I got back into a full-blown gym routine for five days a week, I treated it as I would have handled personal training clients I had in the past, which were just starting out in the gym. Consistency is the key, so I started with short workouts three to four days a week (20 to 30 minutes). Some of you may think this is nothing, but it’s about forming a habit, not training for 3 hours and barely being able to stand the next day. The sessions will be held on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, which leaves me with one day between sessions, and a weekend to relax. My workouts also had to be enjoyable to me. When starting a workout routine, the last thing you want to do is force yourself to do workouts that you dislike. It is likely you will not stick to the gym if you have to drag yourself there every time. For me it was boxing, deadlifts, and booty workouts (cardio, coordination, and bootie work? (Checks off every box for me!). With time, I increased my workouts and developed healthier eating habits. It didn’t mean that I cut out any particular foods, but I emphasized the importance of adding more protein to my diet. I felt better even before I saw results from doing that alongside my workouts. I did give myself a little kickstart in seeing results with that CoolSculpting treatment last year. Cryolipolysis involves a vacuum applicator that sucks in your fat, freezes it and eliminates up to 25% of it at the subcutaneous level. My results were better than I expected, although I was skeptical at first. As a former trainer, I know that I couldn’t have lost such a great deal of fat with just three 30 minute workouts per week. Even so, such treatments are very effective, but they do not prevent you from gaining weight, which is why it is important for you to maintain good habits.

Body image

Having some fat on your body is okay, because everyone has a different body. In spite of the fact that I am by no means overweight, I generally feel better about myself when I am properly nourishing my body and maintaining an active lifestyle. In a bikini, I would be lying if I said I did not like seeing my abs show through, but what I like might be totally different from what someone else likes. Having returned to my fitness routine after a seven-month hiatus, I’ve maintained my results and most importantly, maintained a healthy lifestyle. The fact that I can see the results so quickly motivated me, as it reminded me that my efforts are working and that I look and feel better. Having positive influences around you is also important. Whether you’re working out with friends, maintaining a good support system, or sharing your experiences with others, never forget that you aren’t alone in this process. My main goal at this point is to keep a steady flow without obsessing over the little things, while maintaining a healthy lifestyle and a body that makes me feel confident.

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