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Dermal fillers and their uses for aesthetic purposes

Most of you are probably aware that facial fillers, particularly lip fillers, are becoming increasingly popular, especially on social media. Cosmetic enhancements have grown in popularity over the past 20 years. More specifically, the demand for non-surgical and minimally invasive procedures has grown dramatically, especially in dermal fillers, beginning with Kylie Jenners’ trial and error […]

How to get glowing skin

The condition of our skin is constantly connected to our stress levels and lifestyle. Whether it is wrinkles and lines from stress and facial contractions, breakouts and dry skin from a poor diet or genetics, we wear our lives on our skin. So how can we take care of ourselves and treat our skin the […]

Top Ten Cosmetic Treatments that don’t require surgery

Although cosmetic surgery has been around for many decades, it has not always received the greatest reputation. Unfortunately, many of the cosmetic procedures available to the public still have botched outcomes. This is usually due to untrained professionals or outdated surgical techniques that have since been replaced by more advanced technology. Although many cosmetic procedures […]

Want a bigger butt?

Booties that are curvy, toned, and well-shaped are back in fashion. I have always been petite and didn’t really pay much attention to my butt. It doesn’t feel so long ago that having a large butt was considered a bad thing and that having trouble fitting into jeans was an indicator of weight gain. Now, […]

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